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Not only that, but it also matches it with optical image stabilisation OIS , which should improve low light performance even more. So far so even. Not only that, but a special sensor is able to compensate for the flicker of artificial light, which should help perfect indoor shots.

We'll do a full head-to-head camera comparison before long, but based on early results we're giving the tinest edge to the iPhone 7. Flagship smartphones are hardly left wanting for more power these days. Apple being Apple, have brought out their homegrown big guns, with an all-new A10 processor. Packing four cores - each more efficient than their A9 chip predecessors - the A10 takes a clever approach to using its brains independently - with two powerful cores used for intensive tasks, and two more efficient, less powerful cores for less intense requirements. Don't let that put you off though.

Apple's chip is an absolute beast, and it's comfortably ahead of the rest of the pack when it comes to single-core processing, at least according to early benchmarks. It's GPU too is leading the way, which, coupled with optimistation for iOS, makes for an absolute beast of a smartphone when it comes to performance.

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While the A10's multi-core perfromance is more on par with its rivals, single-core performance still makes up the majority of smartphone tasks. Reading the likes of Reddit and other tech forums, Android fans are calling out for Qualcomm to step up to the plate to try and match Apple's silicon - so you know those chip makers at Cupertino are on to something pretty special here.

In real-world testing, you probably won't notice a dramatic difference, but between the heavy hardware and the speedy iOS 10, this one goes to Apple. The iPhone 7 has finally killed off the pathetic 16GB model. It has ceased to be. It is an ex-storage option. Still, good news for media hoarders eh? The S7 on the other hand, is only available in 32GB and 64GB versions, but - and this is a big but shout out to Sir Mix-a-Lot - the S7 supports microSD cards, which is a much cheaper way to reach higher storage levels compared to forking out for a high capacity iPhone.

This is terrible in some ways and good in others, depending on your perspective. Given all of that, the Galaxy S7 edges ahead thanks to its expandable memory and retaining its headphone jack, make it more convenient for more people on the whole. If you want iOS, go for the iPhone 7. If you want Android, go for the Galaxy S7. Mobile phone spy is very simple this day unlike before. You can the free apps to track all well-known versatile mobile messengers including WhatsApp, Viber, Skype and numerous others.

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The units create their own private network for their connection. Widi allows you to connect your phone to an external display without cables. Mainly based on Miracast and suppors up to 4K resolutions from Widi 5. Widi has today been replaced by Miracast. Samsung Mobile Phones.

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Apple Mobile Phones. Huawei Mobile Phones. Xiaomi Mobile Phones. Products and prices results. Filter Sort by Popularity. Choose products to compare. Apple iPhone 8 64GB. Apple iPhone 7 32GB. Motorola Moto G7 Power Dual. Huawei P20 Pro GB. Apple iPhone 11 64GB. Huawei P Smart 64GB. Apple iPhone 8 Plus 64GB. Page 1. Related articles. High-end The higher-end models are, as the name implies, the most expensive ones, where all new flagship models end up.

Mid-range The mid-range is the largest segment with a wide range of variations from all manufacturers. Budget The lower end covers the least expensive models on the market. Chassis Polycarbonate plastic , aluminium and glass are the most common materials used in mobile phone exteriors. Polycarbonate Polycarbonate is a very durable plastic that is used in aircraft, visor and display windows. Aluminium Aluminium is stiffer than polycarbonate and is used in conjunction with other materials, typically with magnesium, which makes it stronger.

Glass Glass is scratch resistant, and has a stiffness that polycarbonate and aluminium lack. The screen The screen is the most visible part on the phone and also the most sensitive. Here are some of the screen resolutions and screen types that are common today: Screen Resolution 4K 4K is the same as 3 x 2 pixels, and is only used on a few mobile phones on the market today. Super amoled Super amoled is one of the market's best screen types with excellent colour reproduction, good sharpness, and quick response when touched.

Processor The processor is the heart of the phone and the part that coordinates all components along with the software. Qualcomm Snapdragon The Qualcomm Snapdragon is one of the most used processor types in mobile phones today.

Graphics Processor The graphics processor runs the graphical display on the screen. Storage space The storage space contains all software used in the phone. The camera Phones usually have two or three cameras - one at the front and one or two at the back. Camera sensor The camera sensor is a plate of microscopic bowls that catch light. Optic The optic is the part furthest away from the centre, often called the lens, and consists of a sequence of glass that the light goes through before it reaches the camera sensor.

Aperture The aperture controls the amount of light to be permitted through the camera sensor lens. Image processor The image processor converts the light that hits the camera sensor to digital information that the phone's software then processes. Image stabilization Image stabilization counteracts shaking when shooting or recording video.

Flash Flash is used to illuminate the subject when the light is not optimal.

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Battery One of the most important things with a mobile phone is good battery life. Usually, the battery capacity is between 3, and 4, milliampere hours. Wireless charge Some models have built-in support for wireless charging. Mobile connection Today 4G is the fastest type of mobile connection at speeds up to megabits per second.

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Wifi Wifi means wireless connection to a router, usually connected to a modem to access the internet without a mobile connection. Bluetooth Bluetooth is used to connect accessories such as headsets, smart watches and the like.

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Miracast Miracast is a technology for wireless transfers of video material from phone or tablet to a playback device. Widi Widi allows you to connect your phone to an external display without cables. Daily Deals. View all deals. Apple iPhone 6 32GB.